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Welcome To

Cardio Steps 2022

Dear colleagues and friends,

On behalf of critical care department cairo university ,I am welcoming you all to the 10th International cardiosteps
conference 2022 that will be held from 5-6th October in hilton cairo heliopolis .
Under the umbrella of Egyptian society of cardiology ,all cardiology departments in Egypt and international bodies we will present and discuss the latest advances in all branches of cardiology, interventional cardiology , general cardiology and critical care cardiology.
The conference will highlight interactive education modules and hands-on clinical supervisory skills to best meet the everyday needs of cardiologists across the region.
This innovational approach will initiate a new venture, in the way that physicians interactively be a part of the conference to mark Cardiosteps as the most special and exclusive opportunity in the region.
We would like to extend our warm welcome to this exceptional opportunity. Our gathering takes on a special meaning and move Cardiosteps to the next level each year.

The main goal of this meeting is to bring together all the passionate operators in one place, from beginners to
experts in a climate of openness and congeniality. The newly interventional operators will find to be an opportunity to strengthen their skills and continue their progress in learning news strategies tailored to their level and also improve our daily practice in percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI).
Learning or reviewing the basics, tips & tricks, and mastering CTO and CHIP techniques is key to manage complex
coronary patients.
More and more interventional cardiologists are eager to develop CTO PCI programs in their CathLabs. Also structural heart interventionand what is new in 2022
General cardiology will be presented in clinical case scenarios and share of all the attendees in these cases
I hope we can do the best for all the cardiologist and critical care physicians allover the world

Best Regards,

Cardiosteps Chairman
Amr El Hadidy