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Congress Halls Will Be Equipped With


Windows 8

(Microsoft Office 2013)

Please note that Internet access will NOT be available inside the meeting rooms.

To ensure that the meeting progresses smoothly, please stick to the following instructions

All presentations should be recorded on a USB flash memory (preferred).
Please save presentations in PowerPoint 2007 or later format for PC & Keynote for Apple.
Upload your presentation early to the Audiovisual Center (RM Events) as we will load the presentations to the hard drive of our systems before the sessions by one hour.
No personal laptops are permitted for presentations.
In case you have problems with your presentation(s), please do not hesitate to contact the IT support team (RM Events).

Instructions for Chairpersons

Please attend the session rooms 10 minutes prior to the beginning of the time of the sessions you chair.
Please introduce the speaker, state the presentation title for each speaker, and remind him/her of the duration of his presentation.